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Integration of service & support companies of Nissan and its group companies

Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and 4 major vehicle and parts manufacturing companies among Nissan Group, Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd., Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd., Nissan Kohki Co., Ltd. and JATCO Ltd., have decided to integrate their 10 service and support subsidiaries and establish a new service company so as to improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness in service and support business aiming at expansion of business beyond the group. 

Those 10 subsidiaries are Nissan Koe and Nissan Security Service owned by Nissan Motor, Nissya Service, Sunguard and GS owned by Nissan Shatai, Aichi Estate Service and Aichi Engineering owned by Aichi Machine Industry, PS of Nissan Kohki, and JATCO Service and JATCO Food owned by JATCO. 

Those subsidiaries have provided their parent companies with several services for sales of insurance and other products to employees, office management, security, and maintenance of facility and production equipments.
The new company (details including its name is to be determined) will be established in 2004.  As an initial phase, however, those 10 subsidiaries will establish a new holding company  "SSKK Holdings Co., Ltd."  (President: Akira Kaetsu; Chuo-ku, Tokyo) on October 1, 2003 which acquires all issued stocks of those subsidiaries.
The new service company is expected to achieve 50 billion yen of sales with approx. 3,000 employees.

The consolidated new company will be able to operate its business flexibly and take immediate actions to meet situation.  Then, it devotes to develop business opportunities outside Nissan Group.
Moreover, the integration makes it possible to join know-how of subsidiaries, to enjoy advantages by scale expansion, and to streamline overlapping services for efficiency.  Consequently, we can expect that efficiency and competitiveness in both quality and cost of service will increase, and that will contribute to business of other Nissan Group companies.