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Nissan Releases New Fairlady Z Roadster

-- Fairlady Z Coupe Also Undergoes Minor Model Change --
Nissan Releases New Fairlady Z Roadster

Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the domestic release of the new Fairlady Z Roadster, which offers comfortable top-down cruising and sporty driving pleasure. Nissan also released the Fairlady Z Coupe that has undergone a minor model change.


Fairlady Z Roadster Version T (fitted with optional equipment)


The newly released Fairlady Z Roadster is a convertible two-seater featuring a fully automatic power-operated soft top. The car, launched in July 2003 as the 350Z Roadster in North America, has received high accolades for its beautifully styled form and powerful performance that surpasses other models in its class.

The Fairlady Z Roadster was specifically designed to be the convertible member of the Z family from the engineering stage of the Fairlady Z Coupe that was released in July 2002. Like the Coupe, its principal appealing points are high performance, design and high value. While delivering the same impressive power performance and other capabilities as the Coupe, the car also offers the following two added-value features of a roadster:

  · Comfortable top-down cruising that is unique to a convertible
  · Simple and easy soft top operation

Of course, the Z roadster offers the same design appeal as the coupe, even with the top down. The refinements made to the Fairlady Z Coupe were aimed at enhancing the stellar-quality impression of its interior. The upper instrument panel compartment now has a power-operated lid (on navigation system-equipped models), soft-feel paint is applied to the center cluster and power window finishers, metallic soft-feel paint is featured on the trio of ancillary gauges and meter hood, and the automatic transmission shift lever knob has been redesigned, among other improvements. In addition, the capacity of the Brembo brakes has been increased to deliver more powerful braking performance.

In conjunction with this minor model change, the grade selection has been partially reorganized, including the addition of an automatic transmission model to the Version ST grade in response to many customer requests. Premium Liquid Silver (3M)*1 has also been added as a new body color choice.

 *1 The abbreviation 3M stands for three coats of metallic paint.

The Fairlady Z Coupe Driving Helper lifecare vehicle (LV)*2 fitted with the Autech Driving Control Package Type e*3 will continue to be offered.

*2 Nissan group companies use the term lifecare vehicle (LV) to refer to vehicles that are specifically designed to assist persons with special mobility needs in their everyday lives.
*3 The Autech Driving Control Package Type e specification LV is fitted with various driving-assistance features designed primarily to enable persons with leg disabilities to drive and adopts an electronic control system for the hand-activated control lever used to operate the accelerator.

Dealers selling the Fairlady Z Roadster and Fairlady Z Coupe
The Nissan Red Stage (including Nissan Red & Blue Stage dealers that handle all models)

Fairlady Z Roadster Overview
1. Design
Like the Fairlady Z Coupe, the Roadster design expresses the three key themes of newness, Z-ness and high quality.

·  Exterior
The car features a beautiful flowing form when the soft top is stowed under the storage lid. The asymmetrical hood bulge and hoop design of the rollover protection bars add a sporty image to the exterior styling.

·  Interior
The designers of the Z Roadster put an emphasis on enhancing the interior design with, for example, novel ventilated net-style seats featuring an opening in the seatback so that the driver can feel a wind flow during top-down driving.

2. Soft top mechanism
The power-operated soft top opens and closes easily in about 20 seconds, due to the adoption of the world's first three-lock, single-latch system.

The windshield, wind deflector, tonneau cover and truck lid are designed with the optimal shape for controlling the airflow, resulting in minimized interior noise with little wind buffeting when the top is down.

The optimized shapes of the roof bows*4 and soft top reduce vibration of the soft top in the high-speed cruising range to secure superb handling and stability.

The seatback of the passenger's seat automatically tilts forward in tandem with the operation of the soft top as a functional feature showing thoughtful consideration for the occupant.
  *4Roof bows refer to the internal frame of the soft top.

3. Mechanisms
The fundamental package of performance features provides the same impressive dynamic capabilities as the Coupe.

The body is based on that of the Coupe and adopts additional structural reinforcements specific to the Roadster for increased rigidity. These components give the Roadster a highly rigid body construction.

The VQ35DE engine with optimized electronic throttle settings can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission to provide outstanding acceleration performance.

4. Practicality
A DVD-based TV/navigation system compatible with Nissan's CARWINGS telematics service is available as an optional feature.

A BoseÒ sound system tuned exclusively for the Roadster delivers optimum sound quality regardless of whether the top is up or down.

5. Safety and environmental friendliness
The Roadster provides world-class safety performance in collisions from all directions, including full overlap and offset frontal impacts, side impacts and rear-end impacts.

All Roadster models are certified as ultra-low emission vehicles (U-LEVs)*5 because they reduce exhaust emissions by an additional 75% from the levels required by Japan's 2000 exhaust emission regulations.
*5The low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was inaugurated on April 1, 2000, to encourage the penetration of low-emission vehicles through their selection by ordinary consumers. Vehicles certified as U-LEVs emit 75% fewer nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions than the levels mandated by Japan's 2000 exhaust emission regulations.

<Major specification and equipment refinements of the Fairlady Z Coupe>
·  Interior
Redesigned automatic transmission shift lever knob
Adoption of black soft-feel paint for the center cluster finisher
Adoption of metallic soft-feel paint for the trio of ancillary gauges and meter hood
Adoption of soft-feel paint for the meter cluster and power window finishers
Adoption of a power-operated and redesigned lid of the upper instrument panel compartment (on navigation system-equipped models)
Adoption of knee pads for the driver's and passenger's sides
Adoption of a soft pad for the center console lid and the addition of carpeted lining inside the upper instrument panel compartment 

·  Equipment
Addition of seatbelt service arms in the driver's and passenger's seats for the purpose of the ease of operation
Addition of a power outlet in the instrument panel

·  Mechanisms
Change of the brake booster from a 10-inch single booster to an 8-inch plus 9-inch tandem booster