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Highlights of Nissan's Exhibits at the Tokyo Motor Show 2003

Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., will present at the upcoming 2003 Tokyo Motor Show seven show cars that incorporate ideas for new models to come.  The "Fuga" proposes a future direction in luxury cars, and the  "Serenity"  is Nissan's concept for a next-generation multipurpose saloon.

Through other exhibits, the company showcases features that enhance driving pleasure and cabin comfort. Nissan's latest Information Technology (IT) and telematics ideas are incorporated into several of the concept cars on display.

Products of Nissan's advanced environmental research are displayed through technology exhibits of its unique Compact Lithium-ion Battery and Super Motor.  Advanced safety technologies and powertrain technologies also exhibit the company's commitment to enrich people's lives.

At the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan's exhibit will be decorated with graphics that recognize the 70th anniversary of the company's founding.  Nissan was established in 1933 as Japan's first integrated automobile mass-production manufacturer.

Overview of Major Exhibits









Main Features of Concept Cars

Proposing a new direction in luxury cars that are both sporty and roomy
- Fuga's styling achieves two elements of a sporty exterior and roomy interior without tolerating any compromises.
- The FR-L Platform (FM Package), which is also used on the new Skyline, delivers superb driving performance.
- Interior spaciousness surpasses all other sedans in this class. Fuga's tall overall height that provides ample headroom, and legroom is expanded for rear-seat occupants.
- The interior's overall tone is unified in Japanese imagery and a modern design.
- Human-machine interfaces (HMI) that are simpler and easier to understand and operate are located in the middle of the center console.  Control switches mounted on the steering wheel reduce the driver's workload substantially while providing multifunctionality.

A fusion of sport sedan and MPV - Nissan's proposal for a next-generation multipurpose saloon
- With a  "Japanese DNA"  design theme, Serenity projects a refined tranquility characteristic of Japanese culture.  For example, side windows have a distinctive shape reminiscent of a folding fan and the front mask suggests Kabuki facial make-up. The interior is inspired by Japanese elements such as ink paintings, cherry blossoms and wave-like patterns. 
- Ergonomically designed, stress-free seats provide comfortable interior roominess.  Based on the concept of  "neutral posture,"  the seats recline to disperse a seated occupant's body pressure so as to avoid putting any strain on the lower back.
- Human-machine interfaces (HMI) and cutting-edge Information Technologies include the magical 4 HMI concept that facilitates stress-free, centralized control and the  "Horizontal Meter Unit"  for optimal and timely presentation of information to the driver.

A new-sensation open-roof car for active young people to enjoy the thrill of open-air cruising
- The  "center slot-in roof,"  with glass roof panels that slide under motor power, creates a feeling of openness.
- The uniquely shaped  "twin cluster"  displays driving information and entertainment information. The  "e-Memo,"  a rewritable memory chip with a display function, offers Information Technology entertainment.
- A sound system including speakers with good directionality enables all four occupants to enjoy high-quality music.
- Redigo is equipped with Nissan's unique compact e·4WD system designed for maximum ease of use in everyday driving.

Nissan's proposal for a new "compact car with superior quality" packs an array of comfort features into its compact body
- Ample headroom, sufficient legroom and roomy seats provide class-leading interior comfort.
- The comfortable interior, finished in a bright beige color, complements the attention paid to the execution of the fine details in the dashboard and seats.
- The dynamic treatment of the front and rear design contributes to the agile maneuverability and enhanced ease of use in everyday driving.

A new FCV commuter car concept that suits future urban life
- The multiconfigurable arrangement of the instrument panel and seats secures comfortable seating space for three occupants plus enough room for one more person within three-meter overall length.
- Nissan's unique new Super Motor is a compact, high-efficiency unit that features two output shafts, both of which can be controlled independently.
- The Compact Lithium-ion Battery with its thin, space-saving design achieves a smaller size and a lighter weight that benefits a city commuter car.
- Weight-reduction technologies are displayed in the extensive application of aluminum and plastic to the body and the injection-molded front seats.

A new-age specialty car executed in a harmonious fusion of sport sedan and SUV
- The exterior was designed by a motif of  "sculpture in motion."   A surface construction with a new sense of unity achieved by the overall sharp lines and rich curves is achieved through the use of Nissan's FF-L (front engine, front drive, large) platform, which has also been adopted on the new Teana.
- The highly functional, roomy interior offers an abundance of useful storage places.
- The combination of a 3.5-liter DOHC V6 engine and the XTRONIC CVT continuously variable transmission provides smooth acceleration and excellent fuel economy. The All-Mode 4x4 system delivers 4WD capability for outstanding performance on all types of road surfaces.

Cube3 + Conran & Partners
Introducing the new "Cube world," a collaboration created between Nissan and Conran & Partners
- The Cube3's fusion of design and functionality and Conran's sense of style interact to create a unique collaboration.
- London-based Conran visualizes the expression of Japanese beauty with the Cube's design theme of "circles joined by straight lines."
- Nissan Design coordinates the colors of the exterior and interior trim using Shadow Grey and an intense DD Red. 

Major Technology Exhibits

Development of CARWINGS
Nissan has been proceeding with developments focused on the next generation of CARWINGS telematics service.  Through a joint feasibility study with NTT DoCoMo Inc., one application being studied is a function that will transfer CARWINGS capability to a cellphone so that CARWINGS functions can be used even after users exit their vehicles.  A joint study is also being done on the implementation of wireless connectivity based on the use of Bluetooth* technology. *Bluetooth comprises a common specification that uses wireless technology to link multiple digital devices to facilitate voice and data communications.

Cutting-edge human-machine interfaces (HMI)
Nissan continually develops a human-machine interfaces that are safer, easier to see and simpler to use.  Nissan's near-future HMI concepts are incorporated in the Fuga. Ideas envisioned for possible later application are reflected in the Serenity's magical 4 concept, an interface that enables various functions to be controlled via four switches mounted on the steering wheel.

Super Motor
In a traditional motor, power is derived from a rotor revolving within a fixed magnet.  In Nissan's unique Super Motor, two rotors rotate both inside and around the magnet, creating a far smaller but more efficient motor.  Additionally, it controls the power output of each shaft separately, making it possible to drive the right and left wheels independently.  The Super Motor can be used in a variety of applications, including on fuel cell vehicles or as a generator in hybrid vehicles.

Compact Lithium-ion Battery
Nissan has been a pioneer in applying lithium-ion batteries to vehicles. As a result of long-term research, Nissan has succeeded in obtaining exceptionally high output characteristics and in developing a laminated lithium-ion cell that reduces the weight and volume by half compared with the conventional cylindrical type.  The thin cell construction improves cooling efficiency dramatically and also allows excellent vehicle mountability. 
In addition to these technology exhibits, Nissan will display advanced safety technologies and the X-TRAIL FCV that will be launched in the current fiscal year as a limited lease, advanced safety technologies, including pre-crash safety systems and so on.