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Donation to aid relief work following earthquakes in Northern Italy

Rolle, Switzerland (Wednesday 13th June) - Nissan will make a contribution to the ongoing relief work being carried out by the Red Cross following two devastating earthquakes that struck Northern Italy last month.

The magnitude 6.0 earthquakes, and subsequent series of aftershocks, in the Emilia Romagna region have claimed 25 lives and caused widespread disruption and damage to property and businesses.

Nissan will donate €100,000 to the Italian Red Cross, whose ongoing work includes transporting wounded people to medical outposts, evaluating damaged buildings for safety and providing psychological support to victims of the disaster.

Nissan will also donate a 4x4 Nissan Navara Pickup to the Regional Protection Agency in Emilia Romagna to assist with its recovery operation.

The Navara is perfectly suited to the difficult conditions caused by the earthquakes, and will help the agency and other volunteer organizations in their essential rescue efforts and wider relief work.

Nissan Navara Pickup

Nissan Executive Vice President, Colin Dodge, said: "The earthquakes in Northern Italy have had a devastating impact on the region. In addition to the tragic loss of life, this disaster has severely affected thousands of homes and businesses and damaged infrastructure throughout Emilia Romagna.

"Nissan expresses its sincere sympathy to those affected by this disaster and pledges its full support to all agencies, authorities and volunteers working to recover the situation as soon as possible."

In addition, Nissan is also offering a preferential finance scheme, called Nissan Easy Restart, as a unique benefit for people affected by the earthquake.

The program offers the opportunity to purchase a new Nissan car, scrapping the one destroyed or damaged by an earthquake, or disposing a used car trade-in, with an unconditional additional discount of €1,500.