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Nissan Forms a Partnership with Tsinghua University's Suzhou Automotive Research Institute

Collaboration includes joint research and personnel exchanges

SUZHOU, China (November 29, 2012)-Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Automobile Research Institute at Tsinghua University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in which the two parties have agreed to promote a cooperative effort regarding the research of future automotive technology. Aiming to solidify the strategic joint research efforts between Nissan and Tsinghua University, the agreement includes a mutual personnel exchange program designed to take advantage of both parties' strengths.

While China has grown to become the largest automobile market in the world, Nissan aspires to create and contribute new ideas to the future of its mobility society. In order for Nissan to accomplish this goal, it needs a strong local partner to aid in the understanding and research of the unique challenges China poses, especially for advanced technologies. It is for this reason that Nissan has decided to form a multi-faceted and comprehensive partnership with the Suzhou Automobile Research Institute, which is based on Tsinghua University, an institution that has already been involved with Nissan on several joint research projects related to automobile technology.

The details and general structure of this partnership will be finalized by an advisory committee composed of representatives from both Suzhou Automobile Research Institute and Nissan.

Key points of the collaboration are as follows:

1.    Cooperation in research

  • Increasing the opportunities for information exchange, ensuring that both parties' needs are met and their contributions examined during the course of joint research.
  • Evaluation and examination of automotive-related subjects for joint research projects.

2.    Exchange programs

  • Dispatch of visiting researchers from Nissan to Suzhou Automobile Research Institute.
  • Dispatch of internship students from Suzhou Automobile Research Institute to Nissan.

Regarding this joint effort, Takao Asami, Corporate Vice President of Nissan, who is head of the Nissan Research Center, said: "For years, Tsinghua University and Nissan have had a long partnership that has yielded great results. Currently, our research institute is researching new ideas and solutions, in an open and global manner, which will contribute to a mobility society of the future by creating new values. By partnering with the Suzhou Automobile Research Institute, we want to utilize our mutual strengths and promote unique research activities."

"The Suzhou Automobile Research Institute is working to be an important supporting platform for the growth of China's automotive industry. Our comprehensive collaboration with Nissan is an important opportunity to increase this institution's capabilities to developing a higher standard in automobile development and industry service.", said Bo CHENG, the director of the Suzhou Automobile Research Institute.

Hongming SHENG from Suzhou City in Jiangsu Province said, "Suzhou is located in the delta of Yangtze River, the most economically thriving region in China, being an obvious advantage. The growth of Suzhou Automobile Research Institute and its partnership with Nissan will play an important role in the development of the regional economy and raising the level of our industry standards.".

Suzhou Automobile Research Institute was founded on July 1, 2011, and is an independent organization within Tsinghua University. It receives city grants (i.e., expense budget), land and tax support. Suzhou has partnered with automotive companies, conducting R&D on automotive-related products and technology.

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