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  • Nissan introduces the all-new Serena, scheduled to go on sale in late August

Nissan introduces the all-new Serena, scheduled to go on sale in late August

  • More than 1.5 million Serenas have been sold since it first went on sale in 1991.
  • The 5th-generation all-new Serena will be available in Japan in late August.
  • The new version possesses the widest interior in its class.
  • It has a wide array of new functions to improve driver experience.
  • The new Serena comes equipped with advanced features including ProPILOT autonomous drive technology.
  • The Serena is manufactured at Nissan Motor Kyushu Co. ,Ltd.


YOKOHAMA, Japan (July 13, 2016) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. revealed the all-new 5th-generation Serena today, which is scheduled to go on sale in Japan at the end of August.

The Serena was first introduced to the market in 1991, and it quickly established itself as one of the most popular family vehicles in Japan, becoming one of Nissan’s core domestic models. While still embracing the values that has defined past Serenas, the all-new version takes an evolutionary step forward with a refreshed, exciting look both inside and out, as well as a variety of new functions that caters to a new generation of minivan users.

With hints of previous models in the new exterior design, the all-new Serena features a roomy, dynamic and refined design that sets the tone for next-generation minivans.

The front fascia is bolder, highlighted by Nissan’s signature V-Motion grille and two-tier headlamps that also appeared in the previous model.

The Serena’s trademark waistline is even smoother, conveying sportiness while also providing better driver visibility. The two-tone body color couples with the D-pillarless design to externally highlight the Serena’s spacious interior.

The dashboard design, adopting a “lateral flow” theme to give a more expansive feel, features a thinner instrumental panel mounted frontward that delivers a sense of panoramic openness. High contrast color coordination also helps to create a spacious and modern interior.

The all-new Serena builds upon the packaging success that has delighted so many Serena owners in the past. Thanks to options that can extend the length and width of the interior, the new Serena is the widest vehicle in its class.

Certain design cues of the new minivan were intended to emphasize the vast spaciousness of the vehicle, such as the blackened front-pillar that makes the door glass seem larger and the curved roof line that provides more headroom for the Serena’s occupants. The A-pillar itself is thinner than before: With absolutely no compromise in structural rigidity, the thinner A-pillar drastically decreases blind spots. Also, a slimmer instrument cluster improves outward vision from the driver’s seat. The hollow-shaped headrests and the built-in second row seatbelts greatly emphasize the open space available from the third row and beyond.

Advanced Equipment
The all-new Serena is equipped with the latest in safety technology. These include Nissan’s emergency braking system, Lane Departure Warning, Around View Monitor and Smart Rearview Mirror.

The new Serena will also feature Intelligent Park Assist, the easy-to-use automatic parking system that was first equipped on the X-TRAIL, with improved accuracy. And, making its debut is Nissan’s autonomous drive technology, ProPILOT, which can automatically control the accelerator, brakes and steering when driving on the highway, in both heavy and flowing traffic.

The all-new Serena is a vehicle that caters to all types of people, from the family man or woman to the thrill-seeking weekend warrior. Therefore, it comes with a variety of new functions and features to compliment different lifestyles. For example, the dual rear doors can be opened in two different ways to match the location and/or activity of the user. Also, these rear doors can be operated in hands-free fashion by having the Intelligent Key and sliding your foot under the door (available only on the Highway STAR), so you don’t have to let go whatever you’re carrying, whether that be shopping bags or a surf board. 

The zero gravity seats on the first and second row, which were well-received on the Teana sedan, have been adopted for the new Serena. The third row seats, also designed for maximized comfort like the front seats, help reduce fatigue during long drives.

Powertrain and Driving Performance
The all-new Serena continues with the popular S-Hybrid of the current model; however, detailed improvements to the engine have resulted in better fuel economy. These upgrades have been realized with no sacrifices in interior space.

The driving experience of Serena has also been improved. Of note, the steering system now exhibits more accuracy and better response than before, thanks to a variable power system that provides lighter turning effort at slow speeds and a more stable feel during highway speeds. 

Also, by reinforcing the structure around the rear door and improving certain components of the suspension system, including installing larger shock absorbers, the all-new Serena exhibits sharper reflexes during lateral transitions, such as when making quick lane changes.

Nissan desires nothing more than to bring the safety, security, comfort, and utility that can be gained from its autonomous drive technology to as many of its customers as possible, thus it has priced the mass-market Serena at highly a competitive level. Despite all the exclusive features equipped on the all-new minivan, the base price for the vehicle has been set at below ¥3 million.

The Serena is manufactured at Nissan Motor Kyushu Co.,Ltd.