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The new redesigned Nissan Note features new 'e-POWER' drive system

YOKOHAMA, Japan (November 2, 2016) – Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., announced today that its new redesigned compact hatchback, the Note, received various upgrades both inside and outside the vehicle, including an innovative new drive system called e-POWER. The new Note e-POWER goes on sale from today.

NOTE e-POWER MEDALIST Premium Corona Orange

The Note has been a staple in the compact hatchback segment, delighting its owners with excellent fuel economy, agile handling and a spacious cabin. And it has been one of the safest cars in its class: The Note, equipped with the Forward Emergency Brake technology, received the highest rating of ASV+ from the Japan New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP) in 2015.

The new drive system, e-POWER, is a 100% electric powertrain, making a clear distinction compared with conventional power units. The wheels of the Note e-Power are completely driven by the electric motor powered by the gasoline engine. Thanks to this full-electric motor drive system, drivers can enjoy the powerful, responsive acceleration and excellent quietness in various scenes and driving environments.

The Note e-POWER exhibits excellent acceleration from a standstill and runs in a very quiet manner, as the electric motor delivers instant torque to the driving wheels. So there’s no need to worry about making engine noises even when driving through a quiet residential neighborhood at night or at an early hour.*1
The gasoline engine automatically turns on in a quiet and transparent manner, with careful monitoring of engine rpm, making its activation so quiet that the car’s occupants may not realize that it has turned on.
When extra acceleration is required or when climbing a steep hill, the electric motor receives power from both the battery and the engine to enhance its performance. During deceleration, the engine stops running and the regenerative power is used to charge the battery until the vehicles comes to a complete stop, wasting no energy generated from deceleration. The Note e-Power can run on gasoline only, like normal gasoline-powered cars or hybrid cars, without having to charge the battery from a station or outlet.

The gasoline engine of the e-POWER system is strictly for electrical power generation with minimal influence from the opening and closing of the throttle, allowing the engine to always operate in its optimum condition. This results in excellent fuel efficiency*2. In e-POWER Drive*3 mode, the driver is treated to an entirely new driving experience we call “One-Pedal driving.”*4 The car can accelerate and decelerate using only the throttle pedal, significantly reducing the necessity to move your foot to depress the brake pedal. There are three driving modes in the Note e-POWER: Normal, S and Eco. In Normal, the car produces excellent acceleration off the line and stopping power (lifting off the acceleration pedal) that’s on par with the braking of its conventional gasoline-powered counterparts. In S, the car accelerates even quicker with enhanced stopping power. In Eco, the car goes into gasoline-saving mode by regulating the battery power.
The new Note adopts a new exterior and interior design for all models, and receives  several safety equipment and convenient features, such as the Smart Room Mirror*5 (with the Intelligent Around View Monitor display functions) and the newly fitted vanity mirror on the passenger seat.

To offer the agile response and sporty acceleration characteristics of the Note e-POWER to a wider range of customers, Nissan will release the Note e-POWER NISMO this winter.



X 1,495,800
MEDALIST X 1,627,560
HR12DDR X DIG-S 1,738,800
MEDALIST 1,985,040
4WD HR12DE X FOUR 1,711,800
2WD HR12DE-EM57 e-POWER S - 1,772,280
e-POWER X 1,959,120
e-POWER MEDALIST ☆ 2,244,240

☆Model in image

XTRONIC CVT: Continuously Variable Transmission


The New Note Overview

1. Design

Nissan's new generation exterior with forward and uplifting design

  • Iconic V-Motion Grille with newly designed headlamps combined with an updated front bumper producing a low and wide stance (all models).
  • Signature Boomerang style rear combination lights paired with the newly designed front bumper asserts dynamical strength and character (all models).
  • Blue-line accentuated V-Motion Grille validating the new electric powertrain (e-POWER).
  • Exclusive e-POWER emblems on the front doors and rear hatch (e-POWER).
  • With five new colors the car is available in 13 exterior color variations (Premium Corona Orange only available for e-Power models).

Refined and color-coordinated seat and trim define the quality driven interior.

  • D-shaped (flat-bottomed) 3-spoke steering wheel (all models).
  • Custom instrumental cluster display that reflects the new drivetrain technology and provides excitement to the driver (e-POWER).
  • Upscale interior asserting both sportiness and high-quality (e-POWER X).
  • Luxuriant premium interior that echoes the owner's composure (e-POWER MEDALIST).
  • Premium White interior with full leather seats offers quality beyond its class (MEDALIST factory option).


2. Driving performance

  • High amount of torque*6 comparable to a 2.0-L turbo engine (e-POWER).
  • Quiet operation thanks to its motor drive and optimized engine management system achieving interior noise level of cars two classes higher*7 (e-POWER).
  • To reduce engine and road noise from entering the cabin, the front and rear have feature extra sound insulation (e-POWER). The e-POWER MEDALIST model comes with further sound insulation in its side panels for additional noise reduction.


3. Advanced and safety features

Main advanced features

  • Intelligent Around View Monitor (with Moving Object Detection) *5
  • Smart Rearview Mirror (with Intelligent Around View Monitor Display) *5

Main safety features

  • Intelligent Forward Emergency Brake technology
  • LDW (Lane Departure Warning)
  • Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication
  • LED Headlamp (with low beam, self -leveler function, projector type, LED position lamp)

*1:The engine will start when the heater is in use.
*2:e-POWER S  37.2km/L. e-POWER X and e-POWER MEDALIST  34.0km/L.
*3:[e-POWER Drive] comes with [S Mode] and [ECO Mode]. Besides [e-POWER Drive], [Normal Mode] can be selected for standard acceleration and deceleration driving.
*4:Driving feel of accelerating and decelerating using only the gas pedal.
*5:e-POWER X, e-POWER MEDALIST, X, X DIG-S, MEDALIST X and MEDALIST are factory options.
*6:Maximum Torque 254Nm(25.9kgfm)/0-3008rpm. Comparison with Nissan’s 2.0-L Turbo engine.
*7:Passenger room noise level of 2 classes higher applies to MEDALIST only (as of September 2016)

Please visit the following website for more information on the [Note and Note e-POWER].
WEB Catalogue http://www.nissan.co.jp/NOTE/
ECO-CAR tax reduction site http://www.nissan.co.jp/EVENT/TAX/NOTE/

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