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Nissan LEAF Autech to go on sale in Japan

Customized model adds exclusive styling to world’s best-selling electric car

The Nissan LEAF Autech will go on sale in Japan on June 21


YOKOHAMA, Japan – The Nissan LEAF Autech will go on sale in Japan next month, adding exclusive styling to the world’s best-selling electric car.

The customized model, based on the Nissan LEAF, will be launched June 21 by Autech Japan, Inc., a Nissan subsidiary.

The Nissan LEAF Autech is the fourth model released under the Autech brand, following the Nissan Serena, Note and X-Trail. Based on a legacy of craftsmanship built over the years with its diverse lineup of customized cars, the Autech brand offers sporty, exclusive styling and quality materials to discerning customers.

The Nissan LEAF Autech will be available in a variety of color schemes including the Autech brand’s signature Aurora Flare Blue Pearl. The specialized parts of the exterior have a metallic finish. The signature LED headlamps feature the dot pattern common to all Autech-brand cars – making it instantly recognizable as an Autech model both day and night.

Inside the cabin, the seats feature the beautiful luster and refined texture of crystal suede and soft leatherette. The instrument panel is finished in vivid, luxury faux-rosewood grain, with the feel of genuine wood. The base color of dark gray is infused with a subtle blue pearl accent. The use of high-grade materials in the detailing creates an interior that is at once elegant and full of character.

The interior of the Nissan LEAF Autech features seats with crystal suede and soft leatherette


Nissan LEAF Autech overview



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