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Nissan wins seventh gold award as an LGBTQ+-friendly workplace

Work With Pride Japan recognizes Nissan’s inclusivity for sexual minorities

YOKOHAMA, Japan - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (Nissan) has received its seventh consecutive gold award in Japan from the Work With Pride organization for being an LGBTQ+-friendly workplace.

Nissan is striving to create a workplace that supports diversity, equity and inclusion, and values each employee. It aims to be a truly sustainable company that helps realize a cleaner, safer and more inclusive society. Work With Pride cited Nissan’s active involvement in addressing the needs and concerns of sexual minorities through various internal and external activities.

Work With Pride promotes LGBTQ+-friendly human resource management practices and rates Japanese companies using its Pride Index. The index evaluates corporate policies for LGBTQ+ representation, awareness-raising, human resource systems and programs, community work, and public relations.

Nissan has expanded its initiatives to create a workplace that is comfortable for sexual minorities. Nissan regularly holds e-learning, seminars and other educational activities for all employees to raise awareness and promote understanding of LGBTQ+. In August 2019, Nissan started recognizing same-sex marriages and common-law marriages for its marriage-leave program and congratulatory payments. An external consultation service was made available to employees from April 2023. In addition, Nissan will expand its support of the company’s LGBTQ+ employee resource group with executive sponsorship and recognizing activities organized by the group.

Nissan’s external initiatives include sponsoring and participating in the Tokyo Rainbow Pride — the largest event of its kind in Japan. In addition, it also supported the event as a member of Specified Nonprofit Corporation Tokyo Rainbow Pride, the host organization.

Globally, Nissan will continue its efforts to create an inclusive work environment where all employees can reach their full potential.