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A letter from Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida

On May 28, Nissan announced our four-year transformation plan.

Our executive team met with media and investors via online conferences and laid out the details of the plan. We believe this is the most efficient way to communicate strategic business updates amid the COVID-19 pandemic that’s affecting all of us.


Our action plan comes at a time of enormous global uncertainty. COVID-19 has deeply impacted our industry in ways that we are still assessing, and the effects will last for some time. However, Nissan has faced and overcome challenges before, and together we will weather this storm as well.

I know that recent years have been challenging, even before the pandemic. We must rebuild trust in Nissan. We have heard from our customers, investors, stakeholders and media, and we acknowledge the feedback and the valid questions you have raised. Our goals are simple: We will earn the respect of our partners and our customers, and we will return Nissan to solid growth.

Over the coming years, we will refine our production capacity and product portfolio and tackle fixed costs to become a more efficient and profitable business. We will also prioritize and focus on the core markets, products and technologies that offer the most promising future for Nissan, our customers, our dealers and our partners.

We are committed to enabling our business to always deliver the best and most innovative products and services to our loyal customers.

We are committed to enabling our business to always deliver the best and most innovative products and services to our loyal customers.

We have developed an ambitious product plan for the next few years. We will play to our strengths in categories where Nissan can continue to challenge the competition and differentiate itself. You can expect to see more Nissan crossovers, SUVs, sedans, sports cars, and full-electric and electrified vehicles. Our engineering, design and product teams will also continue to innovate and design vehicles that combine next-generation electrification and autonomous technologies, reinforcing our leadership position in these areas.

We will work with our dealers to deliver these new and innovative products to customers, providing a more integrated, tailor-made Nissan customer experience. We will bring together the best of our digital and physical capabilities to meet our customers’ rapidly changing expectations, especially after COVID-19.

To improve our products and processes, we will engage our suppliers earlier in development and production. This will provide an improved longer-term view and allow better planning of capital investment, capacity and production approach. And we will work closely with our Alliance partners to provide the best possible vehicles, technologies and services, everywhere in the world.

We have a winding road ahead of us as we work to strengthen Nissan’s reputation for innovation, craftsmanship, customer focus and quality, and as we continue our internal cultural transformation. We are excited about what lies ahead, and we will have more information to share in coming months.

Nissan’s employees around the world are daring, innovative and passionate about excellence in delivering world-class products. We look forward to continuing to share this passion with you.

I am committing to this plan along with Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta, our entire management team, and all of our employees.

Together, we will do everything we can to make you proud of being part of the Nissan family.


Makoto Uchida
Nissan CEO