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Nissan Effis

Nissan Effis

Shown at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan Effis is a new FCV commuter car concept that suits future urban life.

  • The multiconfigurable arrangement of the instrument panel and seats secures comfortable seating space for three occupants plus enough room for one more person within three-meter overall length.
  • Nissan's unique new Super Motor is a compact, high-efficiency unit that features two output shafts, both of which can be controlled independently.
  • The Compact Lithium-ion Battery with its thin, space-saving design achieves a smaller size and a lighter weight that benefits a city commuter car.
  • Weight-reduction technologies are displayed in the extensive application of aluminum and plastic to the body and the injection-molded front seats.

Super Motor
In a traditional motor, power is derived from a rotor revolving within a fixed magnet. In Nissan's unique Super Motor, two rotors rotate both inside and around the magnet, creating a far smaller but more efficient motor. Additionally, it controls the power output of each shaft separately, making it possible to drive the right and left wheels independently. The Super Motor can be used in a variety of applications, including on fuel cell vehicles or as a generator in hybrid vehicles.

Compact Lithium-ion Battery
Nissan has been a pioneer in applying lithium-ion batteries to vehicles. As a result of long-term research, Nissan has succeeded in obtaining exceptionally high output characteristics and in developing a laminated lithium-ion cell that reduces the weight and volume by half compared with the conventional cylindrical type. The thin cell construction improves cooling efficiency dramatically and also allows excellent vehicle mountability.

In addition to these technology exhibits, Nissan will display advanced safety technologies and the X-TRAIL FCV that will be launched in the current fiscal year as a limited lease, advanced safety technologies, including pre-crash safety systems