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Nissan launches Note Autech Crossover in Japan

First compact crossover for the Autech range
Nissan launches Note Autech Crossover in Japan

YOKOHAMA, Japan – Nissan and its affiliate Autech announced today the start of sales of the Note Autech Crossover in Japan.

Note Autech Crossover


The new Note Autech Crossover is based on the compact Nissan Note and comes exclusively with Nissan’s e-POWER electrified powertrain, a key part of the company’s electrification strategy under the Nissan NEXT global business transformation plan.

The Note Autech Crossover aims to enhance the driving experience with the functionality and style of an SUV. The exterior features a dot-patterned front grille common to Autech vehicles, exclusive blue signature LEDs, and metal-finish door mirrors. Specially tuned suspension and larger diameter tires give the Note Autech Crossover 25 mm of increased ground clearance compared to the Note, making the vehicle easy to handle on uneven terrain and snowy roads. Specially designed side sill protectors, wheel arch garnish, roof moldings and exclusive alloy wheels add to the vehicle's dynamic styling.

The new model aims to deliver a linear, fun and sporty ride in various driving situations - from long drives to winding roads - offering the comfort and stability characteristic of Autech vehicles. The springs, shock absorbers and power steering have been specially tuned for ride comfort, providing comfortable driving when off-road or in everyday situations.

The interior features body-fitting soft leatherette seats. The instrument panel is adorned with faux-rosewood grain, while the entire interior is based on a black theme that provides both functionality and a high-quality atomosphere.

The two-tone body color Aurora Flare Blue Pearl with a Super Black roof, and Midnight Black are exclusive colors for Autech series models. A total of eight body colors are available. A two-tone body color, Premium Horizon Orange with a Stealth Gray roof, is offered exclusively for the Autech Crossover.


About Autech Japan, Inc.

Autech Japan, Inc. a subsidiary of Nissan, is characterized by sporty and luxurious styling, and premium craftsmanship with top-quality materials and immaculate attention to detail. “Premium sporty” is the brand concept. The brand's color, an original blue, is inspired by the sea and sky of Chigasaki in Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture, where the company was founded.




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