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Nissan LEAF plays key role in Latin America’s first V2G system

Innovative project enables electric car to feed energy back to grid
Nissan LEAF plays key role in Latin America’s first V2G system

SANTIAGO, Chile – The 100% electric Nissan LEAF is playing a key role in Latin America's first bidirectional vehicle charging system, launched in Chile in cooperation between ENEL X, the Energy Sustainability Agency and Nissan.

Installed at the Energy Sustainability Agency's offices in Santiago, the Vehicle-to-Grid system makes it possible to not only charge electric vehicles; the vehicles can also feed energy from their batteries back into the office's electrical system, serving as an auxiliary power source when demand is high. In addition to the LEAF, the project also makes use of a 3-kilowatt solar panel.

Implemented under the framework of the Public-Private Agreement to Promote Electromobility, signed last year in Chile, the project marks a milestone in the country's development of electric mobility.

"For the first time in Latin America, the Energy Sustainability Agency's innovative project enables measurement of the bidirectional flow between the electric vehicle's battery and the system's storage unit," said Francisco Medina, electric vehicle manager at Nissan Chile. "During peak hours, when energy costs are higher, the vehicle will contribute as a source of power. The new Nissan LEAF is the only electric car with V2G technology, and we're proud to be part of this important initiative."


Joselyn Ortega
Corporate Communications Senior Manager
Nissan América Latina
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