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150,000 reasons to be proud: Nissan plant in Brazil celebrates key milestone

The milestone in Resende demonstrates that Nissan is expanding its footprint in Latin America.
Nissan plant in Brazil celebrates key milestone

RESENDE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil –Three years after start of operations, Nissan has reached the milestone of 150,000 cars manufactured at its Resende Industrial Complex in Brazil. A Grey Rust Nissan Kicks S – one of the new color options for the crossover made in Brazil – represented the achievement. In operation since April 2014, the industrial site located in Rio de Janeiro also manufactures compact models March and Versa.

The 150,000 cars made in Resende demonstrate that Nissan is expanding its footprint in Latin America. In April 2015, one year after start of operations in Resende, Nissan surpassed the 30,000 mark. In 2016, it reached the 70,000-unit mark in two years of operation. At the same time, it kicked off its exports program targeted at eight Latin American markets. This year, five months after the third anniversary of the plant, Nissan achieved a new record in the number of cars produced locally, for both domestic and export markets.

Just to give an idea, if all cars made in Resende were lined, their combined length would add up to 611 km, which is four times the distance between Nissan Brazil's headquarters, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the Resende Industrial Complex. Check out in the infographic below a couple of amusing references about the 150,000 cars made at Nissan Brazil's Industrial Complex.

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Operating in two shifts
Made in Resende since April 2017, the crossover Kicks already accounts for almost 50% of the monthly production at the Industrial Complex. Since mid-July, Resende is operating in two shifts to support the growing demand for the crossover. With a total workforce of 2,400 people, production in the Rio de Janeiro state unit is part of an investment totaling R$ 750 million.

More than fulfilling the production needs to attend Brazilian customer's needs, the complex is also an important base of exports for the entire Latin-American region. Units produced in Resende have been exported to markets including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Together with the Córdoba Plant in Argentina (that's being prepared to produce the NP300 Frontier from 2018), both Nissan's plants will have a key roll in supplying vehicles for customers in Latin America.

Resende Industrial Complex
The Resende Industrial Complex is Nissan's first wholly owned plant in Brazil. Production started in 2014 with the March compact hatchback and the 1.6-liter 16V flex-fuel engine, following stringent Japanese quality standards. Since then, production has ramped up to make the 1-liter 3-cylinder 12V engine and the Nissan Versa compact sedan since April 2015. In April 2017, the Resende Industrial Complex started manufacturing the Nissan Kicks compact crossover, targeted at global markets.

Nissan has a comprehensive production process at the Resende Industrial Complex with its own body shop, paint shop, plastic injection molding shop, assembly shop, and quality inspection area – in addition to the powertrain plant and a test track



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