Regarding COVID-19 infection at Nissan Motor Kyushu

YOKOHAMA, Japan – On March 31, an employee working at Nissan Motor Kyushu’s assembly line tested positive for COVID-19. The plant is located in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

The employee visited a clinic on March 24 after developing a fever of 38 degrees Celsius and was prescribed cold medicine. The employee’s fever went down after taking the medicine, and the employee worked at their workplace from March 25 to 27. However, having noticed a loss of the sense of smell, the employee in question contacted a consultation center for people with potential exposure to COVID-19 on March 28. The employee received a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at the center on March 30 and was diagnosed as positive the next day.

Nissan Motor Kyushu promptly conducted an investigation into the infected employee’s actions at the workplace. Individuals identified as having had close contact with the employee in question have been ordered to stay home.

Nissan Motor Kyushu also suspended its vehicle production lines starting from the night shift on March 31, and disinfected the affected sites. The company will decide when to resume operations under the guidance of the public health center.

Nissan and Nissan Motor Kyushu sincerely apologize for any anxiety or concern that this may cause for the local community and our stakeholders. We will continue to prioritize the safety and health of our stakeholders, including our employees and their families, and to cooperate with related parties.




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