Nissan Releases All-New President

Nissan Releases All-New President

Tokyo -- Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., today announced the domestic release of the fully redesigned President.


President Sovereign (4-seater)[fitted with optional equipment]


As the fourth generation of this prestigious series, the new President has been developed around the product concept of "a modern, formal luxury sedan with a relaxing interior for comfortable travel." Nissan's flagship luxury sedan has been designed to allow superb peace of mind and quiet relaxation for passengers in the rear seat.

Careful consideration has been given to users' needs.  The front passenger's seat can be stowed away toward the front to create spacious rear-seat A multifunctional rear-seat center console, a rear-seat table, an 8-inch-wide rear-seat monitor and other quality appointments are provided to enable distinguished passengers to travel in fine comfort. The President is now available in either a four-seater model (two rear-seat passengers) or a five-seater model (three rear-seat passengers).

The President is equipped with Nissan's Intelligent Brake Assist, Brake-operated Pre-crash Seatbelts in the front seats. Active AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System) and numerous other advanced technologies to provide world-class safety performance. All President models are certified as ultra-low emission vehicles (U-LEVs)*1 under the low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

*1 The low-emission vehicle certification system of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport was inaugurated on April 1, 2000, to promote the penetration of low-emission vehicles through their selection by ordinary consumers. Vehicles certified as U-LEVs emit 75% fewer nitrogen oxide (NOx) and hydrocarbon (HC) emissions than the levels mandated by Japan's 2000 exhaust emission regulations.

Annual sales target:  240 units

Dealers selling the President
Nissan and Motor channel dealers of the Nissan Blue Stage (including Nissan Red & Blue Stage dealers that handle all models)

President Overview
1. Design
The exterior design projects an impression of superlative styling, character and dignity. This image is formed by the large, vertically oriented radiator grille that has traditionally hallmarked the President, the aluminum pillar moldings that create a taut side view and the wide, stable-looking, large front bumper, among other styling cues.

A high-class jacquard moquette is used for the seat covers and trim materials to create a stellar-quality interior.

A multi-coat painting method is employed to apply double clear coats for exceptionally high paint quality, resulting in a smooth paint finish with the luster, depth and superb quality befitting a luxury car.

2. Rear seats that pursue tranquil peace of mind and relaxation
The adoption of a front passenger's seat that stows away toward the front allows excellent visibility and creates extensive legroom for stretching out in relaxed comfort. (Note: Standard on the four-seater and optional on the five-seater.)

An exclusive floor carpeting is used for the left-side rear seating position to provide a broad, flat floor without any level difference with the tracks of the front passenger's seat.

In the four-seater model, the rear-seat center console is positioned on the right side of the car's centerline to create one of the widest left-side rear seats in this class.

The rear-seat head restraints are extra-large in size, move vertically under power and are angle-adjustable on both sides to provide a wide area of comfortable head support and an occupant's preferred feeling of support. Also offered is a front passenger's seat that folds down to serve as a leg rest for the rear-seat occupant and incorporates a massage function. The frequency of the massage function can be adjusted to suit the user's preference. (Note: Standard on the four-seater and optional on the five-seater.)

Power rear seats with a long sliding travel and a reclining seatback have been adopted to provide comfortable support at all times.

Sound-absorbing and sound-isolating materials are placed extensively throughout the car to achieve quietness worthy of a flagship luxury sedan in all sorts of driving situations, including idling, start-off and passing acceleration and high-speed cruising.

3. Convenient rear-seat functional features for busy distinguished passengers
A large, multifunctional rear-seat center console has the control switches positioned for easy operation in a relaxed posture. A large-capacity storage compartment can hold A4-size documents and has a lid that is lockable with an exclusive key, which is convenient for storing confidential papers. Another handy feature is a 100-volt outlet that can be used as the power source for ordinary electrical appliances. (Note: Standard on the four-seater.)

A stowable rear-seat table can accommodate an A4-size notebook computer. (Note: Standard on the four-seater and optional on the five-seater.)

An 8-inch-wide liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor is installed for the rear-seat passengers. Retractable into the ceiling, this large, easy-to-see monitor flips down and retracts automatically at the touch of a console switch and is angle-adjustable. (Note: Standard on the four-seater and optional on the five-seater.)

Rear-seat illuminated vanity mirrors, rear-seat personal lamps, reading lamps, stowable coat hangers on both sides and other essential equipment features are positioned around the ceiling for easy use by rear-seat occupants.

4. Other comfort and convenience features
Standard equipment on all models includes an Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system, a BoseÒ sound system and an automatic trunk opening/closing mechanism.

A rear-seat DVD player is standard on the four-seater model.

5. Mechanisms
Powering the President is the 4.5-liter NEO VK45DE V8 engine that generates maximum power of 206 kW (280 PS)/6000 rpm and maximum torque of 451 N-m (46.0 kg-m)/3600 rpm to deliver ample power and torque for comfortable driving.

The President is fitted with Nissan's Active Damper Suspension for superior ride comfort combined with outstanding handling and stability.

6. Safety and environmental friendliness
A standard safety feature on all models is Intelligent Brake Assist that automatically applies the brakes if the system judges that a collision with the preceding vehicle is unavoidable, thereby helping to lessen the potential for occupant injuries in the ensuing impact.

All models come with Brake-operated Pre-crash Seatbelts in the front seats to help reduce occupant injury levels by enabling SRS airbags and other safety equipment to display their maximum effectiveness.

Another standard safety feature on all models is Active AFS that improves the driver's forward visibility during nighttime driving and other situations by automatically changing the illumination pattern of the headlamps to match the road geometry.

All models are certified as U-LEVs because they reduce exhaust emissions by an additional 75% from the levels required by Japan's 2000 exhaust emission regulations.

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