Nissan LEAF_34

ProPILOT Park is a fully fledged system that helps drivers park by automatically controlling acceleration, brakes, handling, shift changing and parking brakes to guide the car into a parking spot.

By combining advanced image processing technology using four high-resolution cameras and information from 12 ultrasonic sensors around the car, ProPILOT Park guides the car into a space safely and accurately.

All steering, braking and throttle inputs for various parking maneuvers, such as parallel parking, are automated. The system can automatically identify a parking space around the car so that the driver doesn't need to set a target parking position. Requiring only three easy steps for activation, this technology liberates drivers from one of the most tedious, and at times the most challenging, tasks of driving.



Function Overview
In just three steps, ProPILOT Park will automatically park the car by controlling the steering, accelerator, brakes, gear shift and parking brake. When the parking process is complete, the system will shift the transmission to “P” and activate the electronic parking brake.

1. In the vicinity of the desired parking space, press the “ProPILOT Park” button once, then slowly approach and stop the car in front of the desired parking space.

2. The car will automatically detect the parking space and notify the driver the system is active with a [P] icon on the navigation display. Confirm that the system has recognized the desired parking space by pressing the “Start Park” button on the navigation monitor.

3. Hold down the “ProPILOT Park” button until the parking process has been completed. If the button is released, or if the driver steps on the brakes or adjusts the steering wheel, the system will deactivate.

Once the parking process is completed, the system automatically sets the electronic parking brake and shifts the transmission to the “P” position.

  • Compatible for front and back-in parking, as well as parallel parking. The system automatically turns the steering wheel while reversing to complete the parking maneuver into the parking space.
  • The sensors and controls have limitations; therefore, the driver should always monitor the surrounding area and apply the brakes if necessary to ensure the well-being of the car and its occupants.
  • The system is programmed to stop the parking maneuver if any hazard is detected; however, it does not fully eliminate chances of collision.

Technology Overview
ProPILOT Park uses four high-resolution cameras capable of real-time image processing and 12 sonar sensors placed around the vehicle to assess the vehicle’s surroundings. After processing the collected information, the system can then safely park the vehicle by controlling the accelerator, brakes, steering and transmission.